Catherine Mack

A senior copywriter, content creator and travel writer specialising in sustainable travel and transport, and open to writing on most subjects. 


Explore a featured selection of my writing work below.

Cross-border kayaking from Montenegro

ello, over there in Albania!”, my kayaking guide Gigo shouts across the water as he paddles along effortlessly. He doesn’t really need to shout, because although we’re in Montenegro, we’re only a few metres away from the Albanians. We’re on the Buna (Bunë) River, a 40km stretch of water which divides the countries and is so tranquil that every sound is amplified, from the dip of our paddles to the rousing tones of the Muslim call to prayer.

Scotland’s remote Highlands adventure holiday with a difference

The sun continued to shine on us during a walk around Lynbreck Croft in the northern reaches of the national park, where we met a couple of rewilding runaways, Lynn Cassels and Sandra Baer. The Swiss and Irish couple left life in the south of England to take on this derelict, traditional croft in 2016, teaching themselves, slowly but surely – and “with the help of a lot of YouTube videos” – all about regenerative and nature-led growing and rearing skills.
Lynn’s love and pride for their handsome fold of five Highland cattle was inspiring, as was their fruitful organic vegetable garden and the 30,000 native trees such as alder and aspen, hawthorn and hazel that they have planted. Native trees adapt best to local climate, last longer, sustain native wildlife and provide carbon sinks for years to come.

Tourism Ireland Media Room- Sustainable Ways to Experience Belfast

As the much acclaimed film, Belfast, written and directed by the city’s own Kenneth Brannagh, hits the screens and red carpets, take a look at the 21st century capital city which has come a long way since the sixties. Not simply in terms of peace and reconciliation, but also by laying out its own green carpet of sustainable tourism products, accompanied by a growing sense of pride over what a contemporary, responsible Belfast can offer to visitors.

Responsible Tourism

We take our reef protection so seriously that we are the first US state to ban the sale of toxic suncreams. Since January 2021, the sale of coral-harming chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate is no longer allowed in Hawaii. So, if you are thinking about diving in Hawaii, shop locally for your sun protection, or wear a rash guard.

Our reefs are part of who we are on the Hawaiian Islands. They protect 25% of our marine wildlife species and over a thousand endemic species and plants. Hawaii’s coral

Plan to visit the best national parks in the UK by train

They are called Britain’s breathing spaces for good reason. With fifteen national parks in total, we have oxygen oozing from so many corners it’s hard to know where to start. When you are ready to breathe it all in again, here are our tips on where to go.

Most British people have only visited a handful of UK national parks, southerners vowing to get up to Northumberland one day and northerners keen to suss out the South Downs. In fact, it is amazing how few Londoners have even trekked or cycled

Is there such a thing as environmentally-friendly travel?

Let’s get straight to the point and talk dirty. Aviation fuel stinks. Its exemption from taxation is foul and the idea of enforced use of e-fuels has been dragged through the mud so many times by international authorities, it’s now pungent. Governments have stuck their heads in this same mud for so long they are finally realising that, in order to hit targets, they need to come up for air. Clean air ideally but let’s face it, pigs might fly before that happens.

This year the EU’s European Clima

Tourism needs to embrace micromobility if it is to be truly sustainable

Op-ed written by Catherine Mack on behalf of company GM:

Jack Samler, Voi’s General Manager UK and Ireland, says it’s time for tourism and transport to work together.

As the tourism season gets into full swing again, many of us are celebrating the chance to be able to travel freely, explore new horizons and step out of our comfort zones. We, as transport providers, are here to support people on their journeys, especially as increasing numbers of travellers are seeking sustainable options and, in this regard, micromobility can now be a key player.

Why you should visit Cornwall off season

“Would you like to book a shower for when you arrive in Cornwall?” the host onboard the sleeper train to Penzance asked me as I boarded the Night Riviera at London’s Paddington station on a cold Friday evening. I declined the offer, telling him that I was planning a wake-up swim at Penzance’s Jubilee Pool, just a few minutes’ walk from the station where we’d arrive before sunrise.

Early the next morning, as the steam from the geothermally heated outdoor pool enveloped me, I knew I had made the

Why we need a roadmap for inclusivity and equity in the micromobility sector

The very idea of creating a roadmap to inclusivity in micromobility could be seen by some as slightly ironic. The fact is that if we actually had roads mapped out in a way that catered for all citizens’ needs, then issues around inclusion in transport would be slimmed down significantly. However, our roads and urban design are far from providing access for all, and so a roadmap it is, and one that focuses on the fundamentals: that the micromobilty sector is at risk of excluding rather than inclu


About me

I am currently Content Manager at The Natural Adventure where my main role is overhauling all site content. Prior to that, I was Content Producer at Voi Technology, a sustainable micromobility startup. My focus at Voi was press releases, op-eds, CRM, blogs and social media content around sustainable transport.

Pre-pandemic I was Editor-in-chief at Rail Europe UK (formerly and very much enjoyed writing about rail travel.

I still write freelance articles and am open to writing content on any subject.  However, sustainable travel, transport and ethical products are what interest me most. I am Irish, based in London. 

How I work

I endeavour to make copy clear, easy and engaging. I enjoy writing in a style where the reader senses a personal approach, never feels patronised and where personality and humour are able to trickle through.

I have written B2C and B2B content, and have collaborated with designers, UX teams, PR and SEO experts to create expert digital content. Whether you want blogs, newsletters, op-eds, landing pages or social media content, I am happy to wordsmith it.

I enjoy using project management software such as Trello to maintain a transparent and smooth workflow.  I am a deadline devotee and smile at the sight of a style guide. 

My ethos

Having always written about sustainability and ethical sectors, inclusivity and equity have long been at the core of my work and personal life. 

One of my skills is to  write with empathy and often always come back to the human story. Who is being affected by an issue? Who is reading this? How do I win over people who are cynical to an important issue? How do I avoid lecturing or alienating readers? Then, of course, how do I create an informative, original piece which also leads to a call to action?

I am a listener and a learner and I also take the attitude that no question is too stupid, especially when it comes to fully understanding briefs and tone of voice.